Monday, March 03, 2008

IE lost session when opening a new window from a modal dialog page

When opening up a new page ( from a modal dialog page (window.showmodaldialog), ASP.NET may request authentication again by redirecting the user back to a login page. The reason is IE may have lost its session. Problem and solution to this problem is described in

This problem happens to both IE 6 and IE 7.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for this post. I looked all over for a work around and I finally found it. It's definitely going to help me out a lot as I do not have time to re-implement the pages from the parent page after using modal dialog popups two levels deep. Really appreciate this.

Window Film said...

I believe that they fixed this in the latest update, if you have the beta release.

Anonymous said...

Very good Jason !!! Resolve my problem ! Thks

classifieds said...

Session is lost in IE9 on Ajax request as well:"GET", url, false);

No problems with FF/Chrome, any keys to solution ?