Thursday, August 07, 2008

IPhone 3G Review Pluses and Minuses

Been using IPhone 3G for two and a half week, I keep getting same question from my colleague and my friends.

The question is "How is it?"
So here are pluses and minuses of out of the box IPhone 3G.


+ Excellent sound quality

Its far better than IPod Nano

Not so much noise

Crisp, clear and detail sound

Good range from high to low frequency

+ Excellent LCD screen and graphics quality

Images looks sharp with good color contrast

Its far better compare to my HP IPAQ rw 6828

+ WIFI detection is very responsive. IPhone switch quickly to WIFI when available

+ Quick access to email, internet, shares, Youtube without turning on your machine

Lying down on the bed while watching Youtube, browsing the internet, checking stocks and reading news

+ GPS reroute is quite smart, when you pass an intersection where you suppose to turn, you could reroute from your current location

+ Find Pizza shops around you and quickly get their website, numbers, and address or get the phone to show you the direction to there

+ All in one gadget


- BIG ONE - No copy and paste (highlight cut, copy, paste)

Have been using PDA for years, I think this is IPhone’s biggest weakness, unable to highlight text and do cut or copy or paste.

It means that I would still need pen and paper when I’d like to text a contact’s number, and etc.

- Another big weakness of IPhone is appointments aren’t display on home page, which mean we would need to launch calendar application before seeing our appointments / events.

Compare to Windows mobile which display upcoming appointments for the day and or next week (depend on the settings) on its “Today” screen which is the same as IPhone’s main screen.

- No continuous alert for appointments.

In Windows Mobile I am able to set continous alert, which mean the alert will continuously sound or vibrate until I turn it off. But I don’t have that choice in IPhone, maximum alert is two alerts.

- Loading contact list takes around 5 secs, which quite a long waiting time when I’m in hurry to give a contact number. There are about 220 contacts on the list.

- GPS requires Internet connection for downloading maps.

- No MMS

- No Video recording

UPDATED: IPhone 3G Review and Features

Monday, March 03, 2008

IE lost session when opening a new window from a modal dialog page

When opening up a new page ( from a modal dialog page (window.showmodaldialog), ASP.NET may request authentication again by redirecting the user back to a login page. The reason is IE may have lost its session. Problem and solution to this problem is described in

This problem happens to both IE 6 and IE 7.

Friday, February 29, 2008

IE may shows "Unspecified error" after clicking on Cancel button of when navigate away from unsaved page

You may encounter "Unspecified error" message throws by IE after you click on Cancel button , when IE warns that you navigate away from an unsaved page. This error happens in both IE 6 and IE 7. Solution to this problem is to put handle the error and prevent them to show on user's browser. Put this codes below into your .aspx page.


window.onerror = UnspecifiedErrorHandler;

function UnspecifiedErrorHandler()

{return true;}