Monday, June 22, 2009

iPhone OS 3.0 review and features

Just finished downloading and installing iPhone OS 3.0 update. The installation went smoothly, better than what I was expecting. Few friend found the installation didn’t go smoothly, the iPhone OS 3.0 stuck on installation. They would need to close the iTunes and relaunched it. Then the installation continue. So, if you find the installation stuck and a message comes up, you could try to pick OK, close iTunes and relaunched it.

It took me less than 40 minutes to sync my iPhone (for backup purpose), download the OS, install it and sync back again. 

Updated: Battery life seems to be shorter after I installed OS 3.0. Full story

iPhone 3.0 OS Copy and Paste – Finally we got copy and paste feature, it’s pretty neat, you would are able to copy certain section of webpage in Safari and paste it onto your email. Play video below for demo.

Landscape Keyboard – Email application now can now be read in Landscape orientation.

SMS Enhancement – You could now delete individual SMS in a conversation and forward SMS.

Push notification – You would be able to receive a notification from your application providers. One application that I’ve been using is HeyWay it allows me to send my location to my friend and also receive location notification from my friend. The application doesn’t to run, the notification will push in anyway, just like an SMS.

HeyWay iPhone push notification


Spotlight Search – Put a word onto the spotlight search and it will find all contacts, emails, applications and songs on your iPhone… cool cool…

Tethering – Use your iPhone as 3G modem. You would be able to connect your laptop to your iPhone through Bluetooth and access internet over iPhone 3G.

Find My Phone – Register with MobileMe, you would be able to track location of your iPhone. Just in case you lose your mobile after a big night. You would be able to send message to the iPhone and checks it location.

MMS – MMS is now a feature of iPhone

Ready for Turn by Turn GPS

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iPhone OS 3.0 review and features. All these features available for both iPhone 3G and 3GS.

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