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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Tips on How to Preserve iPhone Battery Life

There are few things that we could do to preserve battery life on iPhone.

  1. Mail Settings
    1. Turn off Push Email if you don’t use it
    2. Fetching email manually instead of getting it on specific interval will help with your battery life.
  2. Location Settings
    1. Turn off Location Service. Switch it On only when you need it, eg when using Maps (GPS).
    2. The application will ask you whether you allow for it to turn on Location Service and use your location.
  3. Brightness
    1. 30% of brightness usually sufficient for different type of light.
    2. Set Auto Brightness to “On”. This will allow iPhone light sensor to adjust brightness automatically.

How long the battery life can stay? It depends on your usage. GPS / Location service are power hunger processing, you may find your battery run out quickly if you use those features. Playing IPod especially videos will also drains your battery quickly.

Hope tips above will help to preserve battery life on your iPhone.

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