Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Battery Life of iPhone 3G after Installing OS 3.0

After installing OS 3.0 on iPhone 3G’s battery runs out around 20% faster than it used to be. I used to be able to use my mobile for 2-3 days before recharging it. Now I have to charge it every single day.

I have iPhone 3G Push Notification turned on all the time. It seems to be the cause of the battery runs out so quickly. Apple introduces this Push Notification to prevent applications running as background process. The thought was by stopping application running on background, they would be able to conserve battery life and preserve performance of the iPhone devices.

Well, that’s not seems to be the case, the battery runs out lots quicker with Push Notification turned on. Currently, I have two Push Notification Applications that I use often are HeyWay and Trapster.

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So, if you wandering why Battery Life of iPhone 3G after Installing OS 3.0 seems to run out quicker, well, yes it is.

UPDATE: I turned of Location Service under General Settings, it seems to help a bit. Battery life can now last for 1.5 day at least.

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Anonymous said...

How do you get 2 to 3 days of charge from your phone. I get 1 day and if I run an app it will zap my battery down to lasting only hours.

ajason said...

To preserve baterry life on your Iphone, below are settings on my IPhone:

Location services:
- Set to Off
- Only turn on when necessary, eg. When using Maps (GPS)

- Push mail off
- Fetch mail manually

- Brightness set to 30%
- Auto brightness set to on

Sweet Fairy said...

Is there any notification software for quick notifications?

jammerspy said...

buy one cellphone jammer tpo block the signals when you not use the phone, it will save battery life.