Monday, May 11, 2009

Finding a Homestay or Student Accommodation in Australia, United States or UK

Are you a student looking for homestay, a room to rent or student accommodation?

You may want to try to access or website. This website combines a homestay search and student accommodation or shared accommodation search. It gives website's visitor range of accommodation options to choose from.

If you are unable to find one that you’d like. You can always put a request for a homestay or an accommodation and let the homestay providers or accommodation owners to contact you.

This site is pretty new and all services are provided for absolutely FREE!

So, if you are thinking of advertising your property, spare room or if you are thinking about finding a Homestay, Room to Rent, Shared or Student Accommodation in Australia, United Kingdom or United States, you may want to use this site services.

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rone said...


Nice post.. Very informative.. This will help students to get accommodations easily according to their needs and ease..
Good work!!

Rone from Barcelona apartment

Student Accommodation said...

This is wonderful. This will be a great help for students to find accommodations.

Jack said...

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This blog is very beautiful.This rent of this apartments is very cheap.This apartments provide full faculty.

Like at Home said...

Like at Home is another homestay portal.
It also provides homestays in United Kingdom.

Anonymous said...

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maria said...

Most students find accommodation near to their university and travel to the university by public transport (train, tram or bus). Not all types of accommodation are available at any particular time, so students may have limited choice of accommodation.........

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albertontario said...

I don't know why students still puzzled about place to stay while there are a lots of accommodation and place to stay are available may be some of them are not giving comfort and fine resources...

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Thomas Adison said...

Hello! Thanks for the list! It is really helpful! Do you know. could you make a list of schools that provide international students with scholarships or financial aid.

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